Monday, 5 January 2009

Notes from Gaza

For the 10th consecutive day, Israel has been launching a war on Gaza. With 531 Palestinians dead and 2500 injured, mostly civilians, not only Palestinian lives have been lost, but also dreams and hopes. Ahmed is a friend from Gaza. Some days ago he wrote a note describing his feeling and anger at the Israeli bombing of his university, the IUG. I remembered how Ahmed, an engineering student, used to talk about his studies, often describing typical life of a Palestinian student under Israeli occupation. Most distinctly I remember how anxious he was to be done with his studies. He wanted to work and support his family, and he had sometimes talked of going abroad and seeing the world. He was determined to finish his studies, despite electricity cut offs or petrol shortage. He talked of studying with textbooks and a candle light as his only companions, and of walking to the university on foot when there was a shortage of petrol.

Ahmed wrote from under the siege:

20 days to graduate!

Wed 10:46am

It's a simple legal dream to graduate and to start my way in life, i was supposed to graduate in 20 days..maybe i was worried about finding job, regarding the siege here in Gaza and how hard is to find job...

But now it would be silly if i think further than staying safe with my family, 2 nights ago they bombed my university the IUG, i watched my future my hard work is burning infront of me... whatever the reason they say, it doesn't matter, the real reason is the same, to kill to destroy to leave pain.

We have realized long time ago, that being a palestinian and living in Gaza Strip, is something different, we have to stand the hard situations and keep going, i have big faith we will rebuild the IUG again and i ll graduate, maybe not soon, but it's my ambitious and Israel cant stop that neither by war nor by threatening.

On New Year’s Eve, as millions around the world celebrated and billions were spent on fireworks, the children of Gaza tried sleeping with empty stomachs and the sound of Israeli F16s and apaches filling their ears. On the next day, Ahmed had this to say:

New year...New bombs

Today at 4:35am

At this moment while I am writing this note, news from all Gaza strip telling that Israel bombing everywhere using ground, air and sea...

Last night people all over the world celebrated the new year 2009, here we were sitting in the dark, trying to avoid the windows holding our radios trying to catch news about where these bombs land… this massacre doesn't seem has an end soon and its just getting worse, we are supposed now to send messages to friends and relatives wishing them happy new year…But instead we call, asking how their night was and if anyone got hurt!!!

But still I really wish this year can bring us peace and the siege will be over, and happy new year for everyone.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Gaza .......... A Massacre

Israel claims its operations are aimed at "terrorists"
Sometimes one picture speaks a thousand words
So this time, I will let the pictures speak .........................

Source: several news agencies.