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In the Beginning Was the Word; that of a Palestinian

Since the Swedish journalist Donald Boström published his article on the Israeli organ theft crimes “Our Sons Plundered for their Organs”, many Palestinians and non-Palestinians have been writing on the topic, some confirming what Boström had written, some disgusted by this yet new Zionist crime and some saying the reporter had no evidence for his claims. In addition, there was the typical Zionist & Co reaction: Palestinian lies, Palestinian propaganda, Anti-Semitism, hate, etc, etc. etc. We all know the song by now and have even memorized it. I, as almost every Palestinian who was born and grew up under the Israeli military occupation and knows its brutality first hand, know that what the Swedish journalist reported to be a fact. I wasn’t angered by the Zionist & Co attacks because we are used to them. Matter of fact, it would have been strange if they hadn’t attacked, for it would mean they agree with what we say and it would mean Zionism is after all admitting its crimes against humanity, which is in no way the case, nor will ever be, for a very simple fact: Zionism was born out of crimes against humanity, out of racism, out of hate of the other and out of the idea of the superiority of one race over all others. Simply said; it feeds and grows on hate and racism. What angered me though, were the comments of some Palestinians and Palestine supporters who either acted as if this is yet a new revelation, or had information on the subject but waited for the Swedish journalist to take the first step, or claimed Boström has no concrete evidence to his claims.

I find the Swedish Journalist to be a very courageous man at a time when courage is rare. He knew what would be waiting for him after his article was published, and nevertheless he went on with it for the sake of justice and humanity. This can’t be told about most Western and Arab media and journalists. For to them applies the holy rule: where no defence of Israel applies, silence is appropriate. In other words: if we can’t defend Israel and blame the Palestinians in this particular case, then better ignore it completely, for the less said about it, the quicker it is forgotten and with it Israel’s humans rights violations. So, with great respect to this courageous journalist, many Palestinians were praising him for his revelation. And here lies the problem. The journalists didn’t uncover a mystery, nor did he uncover something new. It is a well-known fact for Palestinian in Occupied Palestine, a fact they have been shouting out loud for decades, but they were shouting to deaf ears. During the first Intifada, it is well-known that any Palestinian shot dead during a demonstration should be carried away and buried immediately, and that if time permits, the body is only to be taken to the parents house so they can say their final goodbyes to their son or daughter, otherwise, the body is to be buried immediately. This was for one simple reason: to bury the martyr before the Israeli army could lay hands on the body. The IOF used to kidnap bodies of martyrs after shooting them, claiming a need for autopsy, when it was clear that no autopsy was needed. Why an autopsy? To figure out who the killer is and to punish him and do justice to the murdered Palestinian? No, and no. The killer is known and no autopsy is needed to prove that.

And the IOF and the Zionist state are well-known for their “just” law system, where an excuse is always ready for the wilful murdering of Palestinians. Even with evidence, it is in very rare cases that an IOF soldier or a Zionist who murders a Palestinian is ever brought before a court or punished. And in the miraculous case that such a thing happens, then the killer most probably gets away with a few months “community service” or, if he is ever convicted and admitted to jail, gets an amnesty from the Zionist president. At the same time, thousands of Palestinians are left to rot in Israeli jails and torture cells, many of them imprisoned without any evidence. And with all the bodies that came back with horrible dissection marks and lacking body organs, the news spread all over Occupied Palestine: beware, or your child might come back disfigured, shapeless and with no internal organs. The sad thing was the few Palestinians who had some evidence, or were in some way witnesses to the Israeli organ thefts, and nevertheless kept quiet until the Swedish journalist took the first step. If for one reason or another you weren’t able to report these stories 20 years ago, why didn’t you report them 10 years ago, 5 years ago? Why didn’t you mention them when Israel committed the Jenin massacre? Or when they burned Gaza with Phosphorous? Add to this the calls of certain Palestinian political parties for an investigation. Yes, there is a need for an investigation, a need that had been waiting for decades. And as we say in Arabic: good morning! I wonder where these parties were when Palestinian families were shouting that their children were being used as involuntary organ donors.

The second thing that angered me about this whole thing were the comments of some Palestinians and some Palestine supporters that there was little to no evidence to support Boström’s claims and that although it is most probably a fact, lack of evidence makes us Palestinians look yet again as liars and gives Israel yet another tool with which to attack us……………….. Well, all I can say is: since when did Israel or any of Israel’s supporters for that matter care about the existence or absence of evidence when it comes to Israel’s crimes and human rights violations? For those commentators here is a small reminder:

The Nakba of 1948

The Nakba of 1967

Deir Yasin Massacre, 9.4.1948

Kufr Qasim Massacre, 29.10.1956

Sabra and Shatila Massacre, 16.9.1982

Al- Aqsa Massacre, 8.10.1990

Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, 25.2.1994

Qana Massacre, 18.4.1996

Jenin Massacre, April 2002

Gaza Massacre, December 2008 – January 2009

These are only few of the massacres, not to mention killing school children, women and elderly, killing Palestinian activists demonstrating for their legitimate rights, imprisoning thousands of Palestinians, many of whom without court law, torturing Palestinian prisoners, demolishing Palestinian homes, curfews, military-checkpoints and closures as collective punishment, uprooting millions of trees, theft and destruction of Palestinian land for the sake of illegal Jewish settlers from the States, Russia and elsewhere and the on-going ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem and Palestine.

Wasn’t and isn’t there ample evidence to Israel committing these and other crimes against humanity?

Was any Zionist leader, any member of the Zionist government or the Zionist military or the Zionist settler movement ever convicted for any of these and other crimes against Palestinians and surrounding nations? Was any Zionist involved directly or indirectly brought to justice within the Zionist state itself or anywhere else in the world? Weren’t there several investigations carried out by the UN and other international bodies and human rights organizations that proved Israel’s human rights violations and even classified several of them as war crimes? Wasn’t Israel’s made responsible for many human rights violations and condemned because of them? Did Israel ever admit to any of these crimes, not to mention apologize for committing them? Did any of the countries racing now to place yet more sanctions on Iran for example, like they did with every other country that refused to pay loyalty to the US and the Zionists state, even contemplate placing sanctions on Israel? To be honest, yes, some countries did, but thanks to the US, the UK and Germany Israel is sure to never be punished for any human rights violations. On the contrary, it is even given carte blanche to do whatever it wants. As one German newspaper put it: We cry with Israel.

But we Palestinians have no one to cry with us.

Isn’t the cry of a bereaved Palestinian mother not evidence enough for you?

Israel not only kills Palestinians, steals their organs and then blames them for it, it also uses the Palestinian population as a test field for its and the United States new weapons or those in the test phase. Where better to test their weapons than in the Occupied Territories? And if anyone dares say a word, the US is ready to defend and shut up all mouths. The Zionist state has been using unknown and illegal weapons against the Palestinians, including the use of unknown chemicals and poisonous gases, since decades:

1967: the use of Napalm:

“In the West Bank and the Golan Heights, Israeli planes bombed villages and dropped napalm. Napalm rained on areas around Arab Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the East Bank of the Jordan. Sami Oweida told the story of his family to a British professor. During the war his family left Jericho and tried to cross the King Hussein Bridge to the East Bank of the Jordan and relative safety. According to Oweida’s account:
I saw a plane come down like a hawk directly at us. We threw ourselves on the ground and found ourselves in the midst of fire…. I tried to do something, but in vain. Fire was all around. I carried my burning child outside the fire. The burning people became naked. Fire stuck to my hands and face. I rolled over. The fire rolled with me. I saw another plane coming directly at us. I thought it was the end. I saw the pilot lean over and look at us.
My daughter Labiba (four years old) died that night. Two children of my cousin also died. My daughter Adla (seventeen years old) died four days later.”

1988: the use of an unknown green gas in the Occupied Palestinian Territories:

“Former mayor of Nablus reports: “Fleets of helicopters fly over Nablus at night dropping a dense, green toxic gas over the city..” Doctors at Ittihad Hospital report several deaths and severe lung injuries from the unidentified asphyxiating chemical, “totally distinct from tear gas..” UNRWA doctors report symptoms not normally connected with tear gas. UNRWA seeks information on contents of the gas…to provide antidote…especially for the most vulnerable groups…pregnant women, the very young and elderly..””

2001: The use of an unknown gas in the Occupied Palestinian Territories:

“Israel begins a six-week campaign of “novel gas” attacks in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Troops lob gas canisters into streets, courtyards, and houses of Khan Younis city and Gharbi refugee camp. Fifty people admitted to Al-Nasser Hospital “in an odd state of hysteria and nervous breakdown..fainting and spasms.” Sixteen have to be transferred to the intensive care unit. Doctors “reported the Israeli use of gas that appeared to cause convulsions.” At the Gharbi refugee camp, thirty-two people “were treated for serious injuries” following exposure to the gas. Dr. Salakh Shami, Al-Amal Hospital reports hospital received “about 130 patients suffering from gas inhalation..” Bewildered medical personnel had “never seen the gas at Tufa.” Victims were “jumping up and down, left and right..thrashing limbs around”, suffering “with convulsions..a kind of hysteria. They were all shaking.” Victims would fall unconscious, then ‘come to’ hours later to face convulsions, vomiting, disorientation and pain.”

2004: the use of an unknown black gas in the West Bank:

“Report by Gush Shalom, Israel’s ‘Peace Bloc’ – “What the army used here yesterday was not tear gas. We know what tear gas is, what it feels like. That was something totally different…When we were still a long way off..they started shooting things like this one (holding up a dark green metal tube with the inscription “Hand and rifle grenade no.400” – in English). Black smoke came out. Anyone who breathed it lost consciousness immediately, more than a hundred people. They remained unconscious for nearly 24 hours. One is still unconscious..They had high fever and their muscles became rigid. Some needed urgent blood transfusion.”
Report by medical units serving Zawiya: “On June 10th, 2004, the two clinics in Al-Zawiya treated 130 patients for gas inhalation. The patients were children, women, old people and young men. Dr. Abu Madi related that there was a high number of cases of [tetany], spasm in legs and hands, connected to the nervous system. Pupils were dilated…Other symptoms included shock, semi-consciousness, hyperventilation, irritation and sweating….the gas used against the protestors is not tear gas but possibly a nerve gas.””

2006: the use of DIME bombs:

“It’s been almost five months since the first report that Israeli drone aircraft have been dropping a “mystery weapon” on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Since then, news media around the world have run stories depicting the strange and “horrific” wounds inflicted by the new bomb. The international press has spoken with Palestinian doctors and medics who say Israel’s new device is a kind of chemical weapon that has significantly increased the fatality rate among the victims of Israeli attacks. In mid-October, Italian investigators reported forensic evidence that suggests the new weapon may also represent the near future of US “counterinsurgency warfare”. Combined with photographs of the victims and testimony from attending doctors, this evidence points to the use of Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME). DIME is an LCD (“low collateral damage”) weapon developed at the US Air Force Research Laboratory. Publicly, it is slated for initial deployment in 2008. DIME bombs produce an unusually powerful blast within a relatively small area, spraying a superheated “micro-shrapnel” of powdered Heavy Metal Tungsten Alloy (HMTA). Scientific studies have found that HMTA is chemically toxic, damages the immune system, rapidly causes cancer, and attacks DNA (genotoxic).”

2008/2009: The use of white phosphorous against civilians and in over-crowded civilian areas:

“Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated that the Israeli Army is using White Phosphorus in its artillery shells against the Gaza Strip. Researchers of HRW said that they observed on January 9th and January 10th, several artillery shells fired by the Israelis near Gaza and Jabalia, and that these shells apparently included white-phosphorus. Using this type of shells, in this manner, is banned by international humanitarian law, the group added. The shells are capable of burning human flesh right down to the bone and are capable of setting structures, fields and other civilian facilities on fire. The group added that using this kind of shells against the most populated area in the world, Gaza, causes magnified harm, and called on Israel to stop firing these shells.”

Back to the Boström article; One commentator on the whole issue, most probably one of those Zionist sitting somewhere in the Zionist entity or in the United States, and who are paid by the Zionist entity to attack websites and blogs spreading the truth about Palestine, accuses the Palestinians of being liars, reminds the readers that Israel had been accused of this before (the Jenin Massacre) and asks a number of questions to “prove Israel’s innocence”. For example he asks about the whereabouts of those people the Palestinians “claim” went missing after the Jenin Massacre and the whereabouts of the Israeli refrigerators that carried away bodies of dead Palestinians as Palestinians claim. He adds that Israeli police conducts autopsies in all cases of “unnatural death” including on Jews, that the IOF holds on to the bodies of “Palestinian terrorists” to let spirits cool down before funerals and that if what Boström says happened in the Nineties, why mention it now?

Well, it is more convenient to write a load of lies and not even try to search for the truth. If he bothered enough to search about former “Palestinian accusations” like the Jenin Massacre, and I believe he most probably did, he would have come across recent articles where the families of the dead and the missing are still demanding Israel to give back their children to them and reveal the destiny of those still missing. Palestinian eye witnesses testified seeing the IOF transport hundreds of bodies from the hospital which was under their control to refrigerator trucks. What had happened to these bodies and what happened to the many Palestinians who had disappeared since the Massacre? During the Jenin Massacre in 2002 I was in Germany. I remember watching the news on one well-known American news station. This station is in known for its bias reporting in favour of Israel, so one wouldn’t expect it to show a live coverage of one of the entrances to the refugee camp with a number of refrigerator trucks visible and comment on it. I remember the reporter saying that these were Israeli vans, that they were refrigerator vans belonging to hospitals. These refrigerators or whatever they are called are used to transport bodies and keep them at a certain temperature so they don’t disintegrate and to keep body internal organs in good condition. This station was in no way supportive of the Palestinians, nevertheless its reporters on site focused their cameras on these vans for one or two minutes before the anchors started talking about something else. Everyone who was watching the news that afternoon would have seen these vans. What were the refrigerators doing there? and why weren’t they ever mentioned again by that news station? Did the IOF realize that they were being “filmed” and ordered that station to report on “Palestinian terrorists” instead?

He goes on to defend the Zionist state by saying that such autopsies are common, whether on Jews or others and admits that autopsies are conducted in all “unnatural death” cases. What is there to investigate when a Palestinian is clearly shot by the IOF? And even if so, why are so many bodies still held by the Zionist state and others buried secretly in the secret cemeteries erected by the IOF? Today there are no less than 300 Palestinians whose bodies the IOF still holds prisoner either in secret cemeteries or in refrigerators. Why keep Palestinian bodies till now in refrigerators? Does an autopsy take 30 years, 20 years, 10 years? The only logical explanation is that the IOF has something to hide and wants to avoid returning bodies emptied of their organs. And claiming that the IOF holds on to the bodies of “Palestinian terrorists” to let spirits cool down before the funerals to avoid “riots” are held is another blatant lie, for since when does the IOF care about, let’s call it, “reducing damage”? If they wanted to avoid “riots”, wouldn’t it have been better not to kill Palestinians in the first place and even better wouldn’t it have been better to end the whole military occupation? As for the lame excuse of why Boström decided to report about this now and not in Nineties when it happened, well, I advise Zionists & Co to reread what Boström himself had to say about this, namely that he had written his report in the Nineties after returning to Sweden, but the Dagens Nyheter newspaper refused to publish it. This newspaper and others are owned by the Bonnier family, a rich Jewish family that owns the majority of newspapers, TV stations and cinemas in Sweden. In other words controls the media, except for independent newspapers such as the courageous Aftonbladet that published the report. This Zionist commentator most probably knows all these facts nevertheless chose to ignore mentioning them, and instead attacked the reporter, Sweden and the Palestinians. The problem with such Zionists & Co is that they think everyone else is stupid, that we don’t read anything except their comments and where they try to look smart and “ask logical questions”, they actually show their stupidity and their hate.

Other Zionists & Co who hurried to defend Israel and attack Boström, Sweden and the Palestinians went as far as to claim that the IOF had often saved the lives of “terrorists” who were intent on killing Israelis.

I have seen this comment often for it must be one of those “model comments” that are fit for use in all discussions regardless of topic and used to confront Israel critics. If the discussion or the article is about Israeli Massacres, you find someone saying that “the IOF saved Palestinian lives”. If it is about Gaza, you find someone saying that “the IOF saved Palestinian lives”. If it is about illegal Jewish settlements, you find someone saying that “the IOF saved Palestinian lives”. If it is about Palestinian children killed by the IOF, you will definitely find someone saying that “the IOF saved Palestinian lives”. Well, the truth is, I have to laugh every time I hear or read this lame comment. If the IOF really wants to save our lives, maybe someone should tell them that the best way to do that is to leave our land and end the military occupation!

If the IOF saves Palestinian lives,

- Then, how come that alone since September 2000 some 5000 Palestinian civilians have been killed by the IOF and over 31000 injured. Among the dead were 1170 children, 274 women and 34 on-duty medical personnel and 15 media personnel including journalists and cameramen.

- Then, how come that between 2000 and 2006 no less than 112 Palestinian patients died at checkpoints as a result of being stopped and prevented from passing these checkpoints to get the needed treatment? How come ambulances carrying urgent cases are stopped at checkpoints? How come ambulances are shot at by the IOF and attacked by Israeli missiles? How come that between 2000 and 2006 no less than 70 Palestinian women were forced to give birth at checkpoints, resulting in 35 stillbirths and the death of 5 mothers?

- Then, how come 23 % of those killed by the IOF were children? Even unborn Palestinian babies are a target to IOF soldiers, and they don’t try to hide it.

- Then, how come 356 Palestinian patients have died as a result of the Zionist Siege on Gaza? These patients, many of whom were cancer patients, had to die a slow and agonizing death because Israel refused to allow them to leave Gaza to get the needed treatment. Today, there are over 400 patients in critical conditions due to the lack of specialized medications and equipment caused by the Zionist siege.

- Then, how come the IOF uses Palestinian children as human shield?

Okay and here is one funny comment: one Zionist commentator on the Swedish article tried to draw attention to Hama s and Gaza by saying that “Hamas is also killing Palestinians, so why only attack Israel?” He wrote quoting the Israeli media that Hamas was killing its rivals in Gaza and that it had executed rebels linked to Al-Qaeda.

So ………………………………

Now, all of a sudden, the Zionists are worried about Al-Qaeda men being killed? Now, all of a sudden, Al-Qa eda men are rebels and no more terrorists?

Q: Why not?

A: When we (Americans) and our friends (Europeans and Arab regimes) kill them, then they deserve it for they are terrorists, but when our enemies (like Hamas) kill them, they (Hamas) are the terrorists for killing the Al-Qaeda “rebels”.

It is actually very easy: The status of everyone and every nation can be changed from “bad” to “good” guy and from “axis of evil” to “axis of good” the minute those “evils” acknowledge the Zionist state, protect its interest and gain its satisfaction. Yes, the status of everyone can be changed, except of course that of the Palestinians, for even those loyal negotiators who are willing to dedicate their “humble” lives for the “sacred” cause of “negotiating, negotiating and more negotiating” are “not a good-enough partners” according to Zionist standards, and will never be, even if they give up whole of what has remained of Palestine. I am somewhat sure that if tomorrow Al-Qaeda decided that the security of the Zionists state is in its own interest, the US and the EU and the Arab regimes will immediately remove the Al-Qaeda from the terror list. They will forget the terror attacks of New York, London, Amman and others, for not their own people’s security and interests count, but those of Israel.

One thing is clear: the lies of the Zionists & Co have no beginning and no end. They are as infinite as the universe.

Palestinians have been shouting “Zionist terrorism” since before the Nakba of 1948, but our word was never good enough. One very simple example is that of the Abu-Ghreib tortures. When the photos of the prisoners of Abu-Ghreib were exposed, the whole world was in uproar, how could such a thing happen in our time and before our eyes? Till today the whole world mourns the acts at Abu-Ghreib, whereas you don’t hear of any mourning over Israeli torture. The methods used in Abu-Ghreib are the same as those used by Israeli jailors and investigators since the establishment of the Zionist state, nevertheless no uproar! There is ample evidence on the role played by Israeli investigators in the Abu-Ghreib crimes and that American jailors were actually only following the instructions of their Zionist friends! Many books, articles and documentaries were published that document the torture of Palestinians, including women and children. Even families of prisoners were exposed to torture in an effort to force Palestinian prisons to admit things they didn’t do! So why was the entire world shocked, disgusted and angry over the torture in Abu-Ghreib, and at the same time continues to ignore the Palestinian prisoners. Since 1967 Israel imprisoned more than 800,000 Palestinians, of whom 11.000 + Palestinian are still in Israeli prisons, including 355 children and 53 women? Around 1000 of these prisoners are administrative detainees, meaning that they are imprisoned without being brought before a court and without any charges. In 2007 alone a monthly average of 830 Palestinians were administratively detailed by Israel. According to human rights organizations 95% of the Palestinian prisoners were subjected to some sort of torture, in many cases leading to death or disability. 195 Palestinian prisoners died in Israeli prisons, 70 due to torture, 48 due to medical negligence in prison, and 7 due to direct killing by the prison police and 70 were killed upon their arrest.

In the beginning there was the word, the word of a country ethnically cleansed and its people either massacred or made into refugees, the word of a people defending itself against a brutal military occupation, the word of children whose childhood is stolen even before they are born. The Victor rewrites history and world powers set the rules and define what is what:

When we kill while stealing other nations land and natural resources and ethnically cleansing them, we are defending ourselves, our children and our homeland.

When you are killed while demonstrating for freedom, for your rights and for a better future for your children, you are to blame, for you are a terrorist.

When you are killed while protecting your home from being demolished, your olive fields from being uprooted and your land from being confiscated, you are to blame, for you are a terrorist.

When you are killed while teaching kids in classes, treating patients in hospitals, planting your field, harvesting your olive trees, fishing in your national waters or reporting on Zionist crimes, you are to blame, for you are the terrorist.

And when you are killed while trying to live despite all this Zionist terrorism, you are still the terrorist. For you are the Palestinian and your word counts to almost nothing in this unjust world.

When Germans are asked about the Nazi terror, first comes the “We didn’t know”, then comes the “Never again”. Unfortunately, till today, many Americans, Europeans and particularly Germans still prefer to turn their eyes away, to close their ears and minds and to keep silent on the war crimes committed by the Zionist state. To those I say: The Palestinians have been spreading the word on the Zionist crimes since the first illegal Zionist settler set foot on this land. The Palestinians have been subjected to Zionist terror on a daily basis: massacres, land and property theft, imprisonment, where alone the Palestinian identity is enough to make one a legitimate target of the Zionists and their murderous IOF. Listen to the Palestinians, they are the witnesses of today’s injustice and if you choose not to listen to what the Palestinians have to say, remember that the day will come when your children or grandchildren will ask you if you knew what was going on in Occupied Palestine and why you kept silent over Israel’s crimes. What will you answer them?


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