Thursday, 8 October 2009

Selling Out Palestine, Selling Out Palestinian Blood and Rights

Anger, Rage, Fury …. few words to describe our feelings.
Maybe shock as well, for although we thought Abbas and his Ramallah gang couldn’t possibly sink lower, we were proven wrong, yet again. Yes, they could; they could sink lower and lower.

But disappointment isn’t a feeling any of us should have, for we all saw it coming. In Arabic we have a saying: If it looks like shit and smells like shit, then it must be shit. And we have been seeing and smelling the shit long enough to stand up and say: that’s really shit!

The truth is, I don't know where to begin; and with which Abbas & Co crime to start; with them selling Palestine? Or with them selling Jerusalem? Or with them selling the blood of Palestinians martyrs? The Ramallah-PNA, who had been recently busy breaking Guinness records, should be proud of itself, for it had broken yet another record after the Knafaeh one. I don't think human history registered a more outrageous and blatant betrayal to one’s land and people as the betrayal being carried out by Abbas & Co.

Abbas, the architect of the infamous Oslo agreements, who in all audacity preaches us on Jerusalem and never giving up on Jerusalem as the capital of the future “Palestinian state”, is the same Abbas who on 31.10.1995 drew up a plan officially known as the “Framework for the Conclusion of a Final Status Agreement between Israel and the PLO”. This plan, aka the Abu Mazen-Beilin plan, proposes Israel's annexation of 4-5% of the West Bank, for Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, while nearby Abu-Dees would become the capital of the Palestinian "state", and to form an International Commission for the final settlement of all aspects of the refugee issue. So, actually, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Judaization of Jerusalem has reached unprecedented levels since Abbas came to power in 2005. Abbas insists on “negotiations” as a means to liberate Jerusalem, and his “negotiating partner” Israel continues the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem: more demolition of Palestinian homes, more illegal Jewish settlements, and more Palestinians are losing their right in their own city. But then again, Abbas actually is not going against his “principles”, and he is not “lying” to us when he says he will not give up on “Al-Quds”, for he already had given up East Jerusalem and is content with “Al Quds” which is the name to be given to the three Jerusalem towns: Abu Dees, Sawahreh and Ezariyyeh. This was after all the deal: he increases his bank account, gets to be called Mr. President, gets to be head of the Ramallah-PNA, of the brain-dead PLO, of Fatah and who knows what else, and is most probably guaranteed to remain president till death do us part. This in return for giving up the heart of Jerusalem; the Old City and all that surrounds it. The Ramallah-PNA continues its theatricals by setting up decorative posts and offices, such as the Governor of Jerusalem and the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and similar posts and committees within Fatah. These do nothing except talk, and have the duty of criticizing the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem when it is a bit “embarrassing” for Abbas to do the criticizing himself and thus avoid “endangering the negotiation process”.

This is the same Abbas, who only a couple of weeks ago, swore not to go back to the negotiations with the Zionists unless they announce a complete halt to all illegal settlement activities in the Occupied Territories including East Jerusalem. But the minute he was invited to the White House to meet with Obama and Netanyahu, Abbas couldn't run fast enough to shake hands with the Zionist who wants to keep all illegal settlements, keep East Jerusalem as part of the “eternal capital of Israel”, and delete the Right of Return of some 8 million Palestinians. This is the same Abbas who accused Arafat of monopolizing power in the Occupied Territories, but when he himself became the head of the Ramallah-PNA, his monopolization of power went yet a step further. This is the same Abbas who insisted on holding the Fatah Convention, supposedly a liberation movement, under the eyes and ears of the Zionist occupation, and with its cooperation. Then, despite all critique, he goes on to increase the number of participants by the hundreds (!) to guarantee that only his gang wins. Even German newspaper, who are usually supportive of Fatah against Hamas, had to admit that this was just too fishy and too obvious to digest! Not to mention the fiasco of the 2006 elections! Today, Abbas and his gang call vehemently for new elections, saying they will respect the results whatever they are and accept them. Hello? We were not born yesterday? Our memory doesn't have short-circuits nor do we suffer from collective Alzheimer. The conflict between Fatah and Hamas is because Mr. Abbas and his gang still refuse to “respect and accept” the results of the last elections, which were, contrary to the Fatah elections, free and democratic and free of any manipulations whatsoever. What did he do, as president of the PNA and the Palestinians, when Israel arrested the ministers of the democratically newly elected government and the members of the PLC? I don't need to answer that, since most of them are still in Israeli prisons while Abbas hurries to shake hands with one fanatic and racist Jewish government after the other. And by the way, Mr. “president”, your presidency term expired last January. And never the less, he still claims he is the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

And to top it all, on October 1st, 2009, a date to remember, the Ramallah-PNA gang through its representative deferred the draft proposal at the Human Rights Council endorsing all the recommendations of the UN Fact Finding Mission, known as the Goldstone Report, thus a rare opportunity was missed to adopt a report accusing Israel of war crimes, not to mention denying the victims of the Gaza war in particular and the Palestinian people in general the right to bring the Israeli war criminals to justice. Abbas & Co thought that this “minor incident” will cause a tiny storm that will pass by like many before it. Unfortunately, I have to say, they were right to think they could get away with it, for we allowed them to get away with so much already. We all heard what Abbas and Co said immediately after Israel began its war on Gaza. We all heard them openly “justifying Israel’s terror”, accusing Hamas of causing the war and blaming it for the destruction! Can anyone be more insolent? We all saw the Abbas security beat demonstrators in Ramallah who wanted to express their support of their brothers and sisters in Gaza and to condemn the Israeli crimes. I particularly remember a scene when the PNA security thugs dispersed a peaceful demonstration; that of an elderly Palestinian who upon being beaten by a club, turned around to shout at the Palestinian security guy, to be taken aback on seeing it was a young Palestinian policewoman. Is this what Dayton teaches you? To beat the elderly with your clubs?

Days before, the Abbas & Co gang “swore” they will not be blackmailed by Israel over the Goldstone Report. Then, when it was made public that they had indeed asked for a postponement of the vote, and with public and international outrage getting louder, the charade began. Anyway, I was extremely furious on hearing what the Ramallah gang had done, and thought of writing a few lines to express my anger, to shout out loud that Abbas doesn't represent me and that the PLO in its current form does not represent me! But the scandal, the charade or call it whatever you want, was still unfolding. With every passing minute, new statements were made, new justifications made and new parties blamed for the crime committed. Practically, accusations were flying in all directions: east and west, south and north, and everyone, from friend to foe, was accused of being behind postponing the vote, except the Ramallah-PNA itself. One time it was the Arab brothers, another it was the Islamic countries and even Abbas’s “dear friends” the Americans were blamed for pressuring the “sulta”. Then it was said the delay was needed to collect enough support, although a supportive majority was already guaranteed and the report would have been adopted. Then it was said that they didn't want to “endanger the peace process”. Some sources said the delay was because of the mobile frequencies for which the Ramallah-PNA needed Israeli approval. Other sources said it was Israeli threats to expose Abbas & Co’s involvement in the Gaza war, which I tend to believe more.

Then, it was said it was Fayyad who gave the order, then it was Khreisheh, then it was Abbas, and who knows who would have been next to blame. It wouldn't have surprised me if Erekat had come on TV to announce that God had appeared to Abbas in dream and ordered him to delay the vote! Yes, so low can some sink, and so low can we also sink if after all of this we allow them to get away with it. Anyway, the charade goes on, and under pressure from the PA's executive council and the central committee of his Fatah party, Abbas launched an “investigation” into the delay. To investigate whom? Himself? Come on, we are fed up of your theatricals and lies, we know them by heart! Like you investigated Arafat’s death? Or the corruption accuses? Or the murder of Palestinian political prisoners in sulta prisons? Abbas, if your followers are so stupid, so brainwashed or so Dollar-greedy to accept everything you feed them without a doubt, you should know that the almost 10 million Palestinian in Occupied Palestine and in the Diaspora are not your property and that Palestine belongs to all of us and is not you property or that of your gang, and you have no right whatsoever to give up our rights. And then, when the lie was too enormous to cover, they admitted it. Erekat who is always ready with excuses for Israel but mercilessly dissects critics of the PNA with his tongue, admitted they were behind it and that they accept the “responsibility” for what happened. He admits the “mistake” (in honest Palestinian language: the catastrophe and the treason), and accepts responsibility for it, as if this will right the catastrophic wrong made.

And then Ereket comes on Al-Jazeera and claims the reason behind the delay was because the Goldstone report also accused Hamas of war crimes! One of the “Abbasis” commented on an article on the issue published on by saying that Abbas actually did the right thing, for if he was to let the vote take place, then Hamas would have been condemned and prosecuted and Abbas would have been forced to hand over “the Hamas war criminals to the UN”, which he didn't want to do! Where do these people live? In another Galaxy? Wasn't it them who blamed Hamas for the Gaza war and according to eyewitnesses gathered their security thugs at the border to Gaza so they can take-over the Strip after Israel had done its duty and destroyed Hamas? The current Ramallah so-called government is illegal, just like the occupation and didn't Abbas’s “sulta-presidency” term expire last January? I’m not a big fan of Hamas, but if Hamas or any other political party won a free democratic election fair and square, I have to accept that. This was always Palestinian democracy, practiced by Palestinians everywhere; in associations and unions, political parties, students councils, you name it. We vote and we accept the result. And now Abbas and Co., supported by “defenders of democracy” the US and Europe, want to teach us a new form of democracy, a form designed especially for the Arab world: if our allies don't win an election, we don't acknowledge it. And although we are not yet done with the lies, the justifications, the explanations and blaming others, Abbas who claims to be the protector of Palestinian rights, ran away to Rome to open a new embassy there. What a joke; yet another embassy for a country under occupation. And why the hell is he in Rome and not in Ramallah? Typical Abbas and his “sulta”: run away during the storm and return when all is calm again. Then, when the Libyan president calls for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the Goldstone report, “honest and loyal” Abbas hurries and welcomes the Libyan call! Who the hell are you kidding? You prevented a vote where there was no possibility of an American veto and welcome taking the vote to the house of the American veto? Well, yes of course you would welcome it; for here it is sure your partners in the crime, i.e. the Zionists, have the protection of a US veto. Mission accomplished! Now you are sure to get your Wataniya frequencies.

And in these days, in an effort to divert public attention from their crime, sulta-figures are shouting: Jerusalem! Alaqsa! Starting with Erekat, to Dahlan to Fayyad. Now you remember that Jerusalem is being ethnically cleansed? Now you remember that there is an Aqsa? The Judaization of Jerusalem and the attacks on Al-Aqsa did not start yesterday, so where were you? Where were you when Palestinians were thrown out of their houses in Jerusalem? Where were you when your “friends” and “partners” were constructing new illegal settlements in Jerusalem and expanding existing ones? Where were you when Al-Aqsa was attacked last week, or last month or the month before? Actually, you are fooling no one, so spare us the theatricals!

Since Abbas was sworn in as president in January 2005, what did he do to free Palestine from the Israeli occupation?
What did he do to improve the lives of the Palestinians? As far as I, every Palestinian and everyone well-informed about the situation in Occupied Palestine know, NOTHING! On the contrary, the situation in Occupied Palestine which was already bad for most Palestinians became worse. The Oslo negotiations had brought us nothing, nothing but suffering, loss, pain and Palestinian concessions. After some 16 years of useless “negotiations”:
Palestine is still under a most brutal Israeli military occupation.
Illegal Jewish settlement activities continue, new illegal Jewish settlements are being constructed and existing ones expand, with more Jewish-only roads.
The Judaization of Jerusalem goes on.
More Palestinian land is confiscated.
The construction of Israeli annexation Wall continues.
IOF attacks on unarmed civilians continue, leaving thousands of Palestinians killed, including children and women.
Palestinian cities and towns are being raided by the IOF almost on a daily basis, with some 11,000 Palestinians, including hundreds of children and some 32 women, in Israeli prisons.
Israel continues to impose total closure on the Occupied Territories, restricting the movement of Palestinians and controlling them even more with some 600 road blocks.
Israel continues its total siege of Gaza, making it the world’s biggest open-air prison.
Human rights violation of the Ramallah-PNA and misuse of power by PNA security services continue leading to the death of many. Illegal arrests by the Ramallah-PNA, including political arrests, continue.
Violations of right of freedom of expression by the Ramallah-PNA continue.

To sum up the achievements of the Ramallah-PNA: Not even one millimeter of Palestinian land had been liberated, corruption increased by maybe 10 folds if not more and IOF raids in the “liberated A & B areas” and elsewhere in Occupied Palestine are daily. Those who claim the opposite are either liars or fooling themselves.

Despite all of this, there are still “Abbasis” who defend the Ramallah-sulta and its “president”. And today, 08.10.2009, Fatah supporters organized a demo in Ramallah in which they hailed Abbas, called for national unity and to protect Jerusalem. I have only a few comments to this:
Now you call for national unity? You who are the reason for the inter-Palestinian conflict and you who, upon the request of your American friends, sabotaged every effort to achieve a national unity? Your call for national unity is only because you know it is the only thing that might save you from the rage of the nation. If it were others who had committed this unforgivable crime, you would never have called for national unity. On the contrary, you would have accused them of collaboration and treason, and said that it was not possible to reconcile with traitors.
Now you call for the protection of Jerusalem? You who have watched as Israel judaizes the city, attacks Al-Aqsa, expels Palestinian Jerusalemites and demolishes their homes, and did nothing? Even one of your own, Hatem Abdel Qader resigned over the negligence of Jerusalem on part of the PNA. You never gave a damn about Jerusalem, for the price for your sulta, your villas, your bank accounts and your Mercedes was Jerusalem.
You claim Abbas is the defender of Palestinian rights. But, if you forgot or most probably choose to forget, we haven’t. We still remember how before Arafat’s death, and when the US and Israel forced Abbas and Fayyad on Arafat, you Fatah people, of all people, accused Abbas and Fayyad openly of treason. Didn't you demand both step down from the posts which were also forced upon Arafat from the US and Israel? It is true that dollars have their own morals, and it seems today it is easy to become a traitor, but it is difficult to remain honest and loyal to your values.

Various demands from inside Occupied Palestine and from the Diaspora were made for Abbas to resign, remember, from a post he no longer has the right to, and demands were made for the Ramallah-PNA to be dismantled, a so-called government that is illegal. And as some 32 Palestinian groups in Europe put it: "the step to delay the endorsement was not less dangerous than the atrocities committed by the Israeli occupation in Gaza". These demands were long overdue and the delay only caused more suffering and more deaths. So to say, we are all responsible for the crimes committed in Gaza, and the crimes committed all over Occupied Palestine and against Diaspora Palestinian, for we have kept silent over the joint Israeli/Ramallah-PNA crimes against us for too long, and when we did criticize them, it was not in one unified strong voice guaranteed to shake off this illegal authority. Many of our political parties, movements, initiatives and civil organizations chose to stand aside and watch, issuing a statement of support or disagreement, depending on their own interests, every now and then, but not really talking in one unified strong language, nor standing together as one against this sulta that insolently and openly puts the interests of the occupier and its own private interests before those of the nation it claims to represent. And still some of these who claim to represent describe this crime as a “mistake that shouldn't be repeated”. No, it is not a “mistake”, but a crime, a crime against the victims of Gaza, against all Palestinian victims, against Palestinian legitimate rights, all Palestinians and against Palestine. They truly think this will just pass by like all their other crimes. Well, Abbas & Co, we are neither stupid nor weak nor subservient. The Israelis thought in the 1980’s that they had us under control, till the First Intifada proved them dead wrong. And in the 1990’s they thought again, together with the Ramallah-PNA, that they had us under control, and again we proved them wrong. And no matter how long it will take us this time, we will prove again and again to everyone who dares think they can control us and control our lives, our freedom and our rights, that we are neither dead nor sleeping nor brainwashed, and that Palestine is not for sale, nor are our legitimate rights. And when the time comes and we all stand up as one against those who continue to oppress us and against those who associate themselves with our oppressors, and march as one towards Jerusalem, we will neither forget, nor forgive.


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