Friday, 20 November 2009

Cats are a Threat to the Security of Israel

A couple of day ago, some news agencies reported the imprisonment of a cat by the Israeli Prison Authority. The cat was placed in an isolation cell in the Israeli Naqab prison as punishment for helping isolated Palestinian prisoners. The reported cat had been “caught” transporting light stuff belonging to Palestinian prisoners from one isolation cell to another. Reports add that Palestinian prisoners have been taking care of the many cats that come to the tents in search of food.

This is not a joke, nor is it a shocker. For everything is to be expected from the Zionist entity; an entity that wouldn’t hesitate to arrest children, women and elderly. Mothers, fathers and siblings would be arrested so as to pressure wanted Palestinians and force them to surrender themselves to the IOF or admit to things they never committed. This same entity doesn’t hesitate to threaten women and young girls with rape and threaten little children with torture if they didn’t confess or expose the whereabouts of their fathers or brothers. This same entity that beat elderly mothers in front of their sons to force the sons into confessing what they never did. This same entity that would kill prisoners in cold blood after their arrest, that would torture prisoners to death, that would stand still and watch while Palestinian prisoners cry out in pain till they die due to medical negligence.

This same entity that arrested over 760,000 Palestinians since 1967, including 13,000 women and tens of thousands of children.
This same entity that arrested 68,000 Palestinians since Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000, including more than 800 women and more than 7700 children.
This same entity that holds today some 11650 Palestinians prisoners, including 326 children, 32 women and 1500 who are in need of medical care.
This same entity that holds 50 Palestinian prisoners in isolation cells
This same entity that holds 16 Palestinian prisoners suffering from cancer
This same entity that holds 150 Palestinian prisoners suffering from heart diseases and blood pressure problems
This same entity that holds 40 Palestinian prisoners suffering from mental and psychological ailments due to the interrogation methods used by the Israeli Shabak and the Israeli prison authorities, which include torture
This same entity that killed 197 Palestinian prisoners since 1967: 70 as a result of torture, 71 killed in cold blood after being arrested, 49 as a result of medical negligence and 7 being shot dead inside prisons by the Israeli prison authorities
This same entity that holds 325 Palestinian “veteran prisoners”, who have been locked up in Israelis jails since before 1993.
This same entity that holds 108 Palestinian “deans of prisoners”, who have spent 20+ years inside Israeli jails
This same entity that holds 13 Palestinian prisoners since more than 25 years
This same entity that holds over 500 Palestinian administrative detainees without charges or trial
Thus, it is not a surprise that the Zionist entity would even imprison a cat for helping Palestinian prisoners. For even a cat has more compassion and “humanity” than the Zionists. So, for all those Palestinians who own a cat, prepare yourself for an IOF arrest campaign of all cats on grounds that these cats are collaborating with the Palestinians and constitute a security threat to the existence of Israel.



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