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A Date to Remember: The 9th of December, 1987

On this day 22 years ago, i.e. 09.12.1987, the first Palestinian Intifada (Uprising) erupted. Palestinians all over occupied Palestine stood as one against the brutal Israeli occupation and said: enough is enough! They said enough to the continued Israeli oppression, to the murderous military occupation, to land theft, to water theft, to economic exploitation, to house demolition, to deportations, to mass arrests, to illegal Jewish colonies on Palestinian land, to the on-going ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestine, to the Judaization of Jerusalem.

The entire Palestinian population participated in the intifada: young and old, men and women, rich and poor, Muslim and Christian, people from all sectors and paths, with different political backgrounds and different affiliations. Every single Palestinian had had enough of the suffering, the humiliation, the oppression and the brutality of the Zionist entity. An entire population stood united against the Israeli occupation. And a united leadership was created; the United Leadership of the Intifada, with representatives of the major Palestinian political parties. They all stood as one with one goal: To end the Israeli military occupation and establish an independent Palestinian state.

Israel responded with an iron fist; mass killings, mass arrests, house demolitions, deportations, property destruction, land confiscation. Curfews were imposed for months, towns and villages were declared as closed military zones. Peaceful marches of unarmed Palestinians civilians were confronted by heavily armed Israeli soldiers, leaving thousands of Palestinians dead and tens of thousands injured. Israel tried destroying the spirit of the Palestinians by destroying all aspects of Palestinian life. Even education was considered a threat to Israel; all Palestinian schools and universities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories were closed for months. Even Kindergartens were declared a threat to the Israeli army and were closed. To break the Palestinians and bring them to their knees, the Zionist “peace prize” holder Rabin declared the policy of “breaking the bones”, where every Palestinian arrested by the Israeli army would have his/her bones broken to prevent him/her from throwing stones and as a lesson to other Palestinians.

But all of this brutality couldn’t break the spirit of resistance, and the Intifada went on, growing only stronger and stronger, to be only put to sleep by some in the PLO who were afraid that Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories were equally fed up with the Israeli oppression and the PLO that was doing nothing to free Palestine. They made a profit of Palestinian blood spilt during the first Intifada and signed the deeds to selling Palestine, aka the peace process, in return for huge bank accounts, villas and imaginary titles such as president and minister to a land that was still under occupation.

Today, we commemorate the first Intifada;
When we were all Palestine;
Not West Bank, not Gaza, not Jerusalem, not 1948.
When we were all Palestinians;
Not Fateh, not Hamas, not Jabha or Jihad.
When we were all fighting against the Israeli occupation;
Today, we are fighting for a fake authority, fake ministries and fake power.
When we didn’t tolerate traitors amongst us;
Today, we even allow them to represent us, speak in our name, and sell our blood and rights!
When the PLO was the representative of all Palestinians
Today, the PLO is a one-man show, aspiring to please the Zionist over the bodies of Palestinian children.
When we had a real Boycott movement, refusing all that is Zionist;
Today, we have a mere boycott of products coming from illegal Zionist settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, while products from the Zionist entity fill our shops and our homes.

When our ultimate goal was total independence;
Today, our ultimate goal is a limited autonomy in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus, Jericho, Gaza and a few meters here and there
When we fought for our rights and our freedom;
Today, we fight who will please the Zionists and the Americans more, and who gets the highest price for selling Palestine
When Jerusalem was in the heart of every one of us, and we would rush to protect Jerusalem and our holy sites;
Today, we watch as Jerusalem is being ethnically cleansed, and our so-called leaders are content to have Ramallah as their capital

Today, we commemorate the first Intifada;
When we all spoke as one
When we all stood as one
When we all fought the Israeli occupation as one

We might be quiet at the moment, but we are not dead. We will rise as one once again. And then, not Israel, not the PNA, not any other power in the world will be able to stop our march towards Jerusalem!

During the first Intifada, 1987 to 1993, the Israeli army and the Zionist settlers killed 1540 Palestinians, injured 130000 Palestinians and arrested some 200000 Palestinians.

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